Eastar TV delivers donations for the development of youth soccer

The Korea Football Association Soccer Love Sharing Foundation announced on the 13th that YouTube Eastar TV delivered donations for the development of youth soccer.

The Soccer Love Sharing Foundation introduced the news, saying, “Eastar TV is a comprehensive soccer entertainment YouTube jointly operated by CEO Lee Joo-heon, a former soccer player creator, and CEO Park Jong-yoon, a former sports TV caster.” 바카라

Co-CEO Park Jong-yoon said, “I had a strong desire to help young soccer players or friends who couldn’t play soccer even if they wanted to because they were in a difficult environment. He said, “Since I received love through soccer, I decided to donate to the Soccer Love Sharing Foundation with the thought that I should return that love to soccer.”

Cho Byeong-deuk, chairman of the Korea Football Association Soccer Love Sharing Foundation, said, “The most popular medium for young people is YouTube. The foundation will do its best so that it can be used where it is practical and necessary for its purpose.”

The foundation and Estar TV decided to find a way to do social contribution activities together even in content production, rather than a one-time donation.

The foundation said, “The main purpose of the project is to gather the participation of all people who love soccer, contribute to the development of soccer, and return the profits earned from soccer to society.”

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