Director Lee Ki-hyeong-Captain Shim Dong-woon, “The goal is promotion…I will never give up”

 Seongnam FC, which suffered internal and external difficulties and was relegated, promised a ‘promotion’ in front of the fans who came to the ceremony.

Seongnam FC held a ceremony for the 2023 season at Onnuri Hall on the 1st floor of Seongnam City Hall on the 18th. About 500 Seongnam citizens and fans participated in the ceremony, which will be held four years after COVID-19, and coach Lee Ki-hyeong, the team, and youth players attended. Seongnam Mayor Shin Sang-jin, the owner of the club, and members of the National Assembly, including Kim Tae-nyeon, Yun Young-chan, and Kim Byung-wook, who have Seongnam as their constituencies, participated. The Seongnam City Council, the Gyeonggi-do Council, and the heads of each district participated in the event to shine.

The ceremony officially began with the introduction of the guests and the Seongnam FC youth team. Coach Lee Ki-hyung and other staff were introduced, and the players lined up. The introduction of the team ended with the captains including Shim Dong-woon (captain), Cho Sung-wook, and Jung Han-min (vice-captain Lee Sang). ‘Spread your wings! He greeted the audience with the slogan of “Sharing Change, Endless Challenge” and the goal of “promoting to K League 1 and having the largest number of spectators in K League 2”.

Seongnam, which was relegated last season at the bottom of the K-League 1, was promoted. Coach Lee Ki-hyung said, “It is a great honor to become Seongnam coach. We trained for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd batteries, and starting with team formation and physical training, we created a team system through tactics and practice games. I think the players must have had a hard time. There were many changes in the squad this season. The players were able to gain more strength thanks to the support of the owner and fans.” 온라인바카라

“This year’s goal is promotion. Last year, we were relegated in a difficult situation and many players left. It may take time to build, but we are emphasizing physical strength and mental aspects in practice games. The players will show that in real matches. I think we can do it. What the fans want is victory. We will never give up no matter what the outcome is and show our fighting spirit to the end. If a lot of people come to the stadium and support us with a louder voice, we will put all our energy into the game.

Captain Shim Dong-woon said, “I know that many players left after the relegation last season and the fans were worried. Still, all the players in the team prepared for the season by attending training camps with love for Seongnam FC. To win promotion, we need a strong appearance. . I will not lose lethargicly like last season and I will not bow my head. I will work really hard.”

Vice-captain Cho Seong-wook said, “Last year, I often lowered my head when watching the fans after the game. It was difficult. This year, I will show a different side of myself. Please come to the stadium and support me. I will try my best without giving up.”

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