‘Conte team without Conte’ Tottenham, head coach “The way we play is always Conte style”

Tottenham Hotspur has a long-established strategy even in the absence of manager Antonio Conte, so there is no change in the style of play. 

On the 12th (Korean time) at King Power Stadium in Leicester, England, Leicester and Tottenham will face each other through round 23 of the 2022-2023 English Premier League (EPL).

A day before the game, Tottenham’s assistant coach Christian Stellini attended a press conference. Conte recently underwent surgery for cholecystitis, and Stellini is taking over as head coach.

Conte is expected to return sooner than expected. This is because Tottenham released a picture of manager Conte at the training ground through the club’s Instagram. “Conte was with us at the training ground this morning. He needs to relax more. It was so happy to see him again. He was happy to hug everyone.”

However, it was not clear whether he was conducting the Leicester match. “I can’t say yet what Conte has to do in the next game,” added Stellini. 안전놀이터

Tottenham won the previous match against Man City without manager Conte. He caught Man City, who is competing for the championship, and revived the spark of hope for advancing to fourth place.

Stellini said: “We were very aware that City were holding possession and passing a lot of passes. We prepared for the game aggressively. We looked at the opposition line and adjusted our pressure. We pushed them. “I didn’t allow a line break. It was the best thing in the last game. Especially winning aggressively was very important.”

When asked whose tactic it was, Stellini said: “It’s something Conte has been doing for a long time. It was easy to prepare for the game in the same way. When an immediate change was needed during a game, I consulted with coach Ryan Mason. The only thing that changed was using Eric Dyer to do it. We usually follow Conte the same way.”

Head coach Stellini added: “It was a lot of fun. All the coaching staff worked with me in a sense of responsibility.”

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