Cho Kwang-hee, the representative of the canoe, selected as the representative of the Hangzhou Asian Games… 3-game winning streak

Korea’s ‘signboard’ Cho Kwang-hee (Ulsan Metropolitan City Hall) is selected as a national representative to participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games (AG) and challenges to win three consecutive championships.

The Korea Canoe Federation announced on the 19th that it held a competition improvement committee on the 17th and confirmed 16 Hangzhou AG national representatives, including Cho Kwang-hee, who were selected through a preliminary round.

Cho Kwang-hee became the first Korean player to win two consecutive victories in Incheon in 2014 and Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang in 2018, where he competed in the men’s kayak single-seater 200m.카지노

Since the sprint 200m division, which was the main focus, has been removed from this competition, he will challenge the 500m in Hangzhou.

Jang Sang-won (Incheon Metropolitan City Hall), Cho Hyun-hee (Ulsan Metropolitan City Hall), and Jung Ju-hwan (National Sports Promotion Corporation) will also join Cho Kwang-hee in the 500m kayak category.

Since last year, Cho Kwang-hee has been focusing on adaptation training to change the main event to the 500m sprint.

The national team is planning to send a team to the two-person event during the 500m event, and the combination of Cho Kwang-hee and Jang Sang-won is likely to participate.

In the men’s kayak 1000m, Park Joo-hyun (Chungbuk Provincial Office) will compete alone, and in the canoe event, Kim I-yeol and Hwang Seon-hong (National Sports Promotion Corporation) will compete in the 1000m category.

In the women’s division, Lee Ha-rin, Choi Ran, Lee Han-sol (Buyeo County Office), and Cho Shin-yeong (Daejeon Metropolitan City Sports Association) compete in the 500m kayak, and Lee Ye-rin (Guri City Hall) compete in the 200m canoe.

Canoe events are divided into canoes and kayaks. Canoes are rowing events with blades on only one side, while kayaks use oars with both blades.

Apart from the sprint event, in the slalom event, which involves passing through a gate with obstacles in the rapids, Baek Seo-jin (Kangwon National University) and Park Moo-rim (Korea University) competed in the single-seater kayak, and Baek Jeong-hyeon (Korea National University of Physical Education) and Baek Seung-cheol (Jungwon University) won the canoe single-seater category. He wore the Taegeuk mark.

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