A change is neededOneQ, a fresh start, and an off-season

Bucheon Hana OneQ, which finished in last place again last season, has begun to raise its game early. The team began training in mid-April, and after four weeks of fitness and conditioning checks, the team set up a base camp at the Taebaek O2 Resort for two weeks from May 15-27. During the team’s vacation […]

Goodbye Bomde’s Curse, hello LG’s Proof Against Leaders

Is the so-called ‘Bomde’s Curse’ over? It’s looking increasingly likely that the Lotte Giants will have a successful season. However, proving themselves against the top-ranked LG Twins remains a challenge. Starting on the 30th, Lotte will play a three-game midweek series against first-place LG at Jamsil Stadium. It’s a big matchup, dubbed the “El Rascico. […]

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