Can 40-year-old Oh Ji-hwan play as a ‘shortstop’… “This is different, enough”

LG has agreed to an extension contract with Oh Ji-hwan (33), a key player in the team this offseason and the best shortstop in the league at this point. It is a six-year contract with a total value of 12.4 billion won. The amount of guarantee is 10 billion won.

Oh Ji-hwan, who signed a 4-year, 4 billion free agent (FA) contract with LG ahead of the 2020 season, will virtually walk the path of a ‘lifetime franchise’ with a 6-year contract starting in 2024. He will play until 2029 if he completes a six-year contract. Oh Ji-hwan will be 40 years old in 2029.

Usually, after the mid-30s, there is a clear decline in physical ability and it becomes difficult to maintain physical condition, and most players go downhill. This is especially true for shortstops where range is important. In Korea as well as in the major leagues, it is not uncommon for shortstops to change positions in their 30s due to their physical abilities deteriorating. It is not easy to find a shortstop in the mid- to late-30s in the Major League, which is full of monsters.

However, LG invested a total of 12.4 billion won over six years in Oh Ji-hwan, who was in his mid and late 30s. Like everyone else, the value of Oh Ji-hwan in positions other than shortstop will inevitably fall, but LG invested a large amount with confidence. He is an investment he cannot make unless he has tolerable confidence. It is also a possible investment because I have seen Oh Ji-hwan up close.

Are there any concerns about physical abilities? LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop was confident that Oh Ji-hwan would be able to play the shortstop position even at an older age. He has a different body. Besides, he works hard too. He expects to be able to delay the point of aging as much as possible. 온라인바카라

Coach Yeom said, “I’ve seen Oh Ji-hwan’s body since he was young. It’s a natural body. The muscles themselves are soft yet hard. He has both, but there are not many players like him.” He can be used as a shortstop. Oh Ji-hwan is really different from the body of average players. He has special strengths, such as flexibility and power.”

Character is also a basis for confidently predicting Oh Ji-hwan’s long run. Director Yeom praised him as “a player who has a very good idea of ​​baseball,” and said, “Because Hyun-soo Kim and Oh Ji-hwan have such a tendency, at least Soo-jin Ya can understand LG’s culture. I hope to be able to do well.”

Oh Ji-hwan will also be called up to the World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team roster to be held in March and go out for the country again. There is a keystone duo with outstanding defensive power, Ha-seong Kim (San Diego) and Tommy Edman (St. Louis), but depending on the situation, it is expected that sometimes it will be possible to use Ha-seong Kim at third base and Oh Ji-hwan as shortstop. He is also interested in whether he can show the skills of the best defense in the KBO League at the WBC.

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