British player faces severe punishment for ‘spitting’ during game… A reenactment of the Cavani incident?

During an amateur football match in England, a player caused controversy by engaging in obscene behavior.

The British media ‘Sports Bible’ reported on the 24th (Korean time), “The Nottinghamshire Football Association has started an investigation into the suspicion that a player inserted multiple fingers into the anus of an opponent during a game.”

The incident is believed to have occurred on the 8th in the ‘Sunday Soccer League’, an amateur soccer league, and the association explained the outline of the incident while disclosing the message found during the investigation.

The media said, “The leaked message contains information requesting testimony from the coach, players, and fans who were present at the game at the time.”

He added, “The local police said they did not know about the incident, but they immediately launched an investigation.”

Deliberately touching an opponent’s anus is against FA (British Football Association) Rule E3.

According to FA Rule E3, participants in a match must not engage in acts of violence, serious offenses, threats, abusive language, obscene or offensive words or actions that would discredit or render the game inappropriate.

Last year, a non-league soccer player was also suspended for nine games after being caught grabbing the testicles of two opponents during a game.

There is a soccer player who has been criticized for such unsportsmanlike and obscene behavior even though he is a professional soccer player, not an amateur. It is Gonzalo Hara, a defender of the Chilean soccer team. 메이저놀이터

Hara was hit in the face by Luis Suárez in anger after grabbing Uruguayan striker Luis Suárez in the groin during the 2014 Brazil World Cup South American final qualifier against Uruguay.

Hara’s eccentricity did not stop there.

At the 2015 Copa America, he again behaved unsportsmanlikely against a Uruguayan player, this time Edinson Cavani.

At that time, Hara acted by piercing Cavani’s anus with his middle finger, and Cavani, who was angry, pushed Hara hard and was sent off due to an accumulation of warnings.

Afterwards, as it was confirmed that Hara had behaved inappropriately in a post-mortem investigation, Hara was punished by the South American Football Federation for banning him from participating in two A matches, and he paid the price when he was released from Mainz, his team at the time.

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