Both offense and defense were good

When was the last time Hong Seong-ji faced Ahn Seong-jun’s two-game winning streak with two consecutive victories? After 10 years of competition, the balance was finally broken. Hong Seong-ji, who is not a little different, continued to finish the game calmly and counted the houses. Ahn Seong-jun, who caught the bag, left 6 and a half albums. Listen to Song Tae-gon’s 9th Dan commentary on the Go TV live broadcast. “Ahn Seong-jun attacked early and took the lead, and then the central back, Hema, was a bit uneasy, but it was a game that he was able to overcome and win.”토스카지노

The actual battle is shown in <Figure 1>. When Black 1 (145 moves) came, White 2 took a breath. Black took 7 points with white 3, but was hit by white 4 and lost 5 points. Stone, who moved to back 2, lived comfortably and exceeded the expected win rate of 90%. The artificial intelligence Katago is black 145 and tells you to put 1 first in <Figure 2>. If you put it on black 7 and jump on 9, the expected win rate for white would exceed 50%. Korea’s 11th place Ahn Seong-jun meets 3rd place Byeon Sang-il in the round of 16. “As far as I remember, I think Sangil won a game when he was young, and he was very confident then. 66, 262…23, 280…173, 297…288) End of 297 moves, 6 and a half won back.

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