Anxiety/stress → Confidence found NC young mound, anticipation UP with beads of sweat

NC’s young mound regains confidence, raising expectations for the 2023 season. In the meantime, he was lethargic due to anxiety and stress about the competition for survival, but he held on to his heart. Did he say, ‘If you gather your mind into one place, there is nothing you can’t accomplish’? This is the story of NC’s young pitchers Jung Gu-beom (23) and Ha Jun-young (24), who armed themselves with a new resolution in this year’s spring camp.

NC left-handed pitchers Goo-Beom Jung and Jun-Young Ha are sweating as they participate in the spring camp in Tucson, Arizona, USA. In particular, Jeong Gu-beom, who was expected to be a high school ace, is now in his fourth year of professional debut, but only appeared in two games last year to reach the stage of the first team. He is virtually non-existent. Meanwhile, his shoulder was also a problem. He naturally lost his confidence. However, as his physical condition improved from last year, his confidence gained again. His determination is to forget the past three years and start over with the mindset of a rookie this year.

Jeong Gu-beom said, “After joining, I was not in good shape. He confessed that he was lethargic as he was under a lot of stress and his confidence was low.” He confessed, “I participated in his first overseas camp in his fourth year of joining. It’s nice to learn a lot while working out with his seniors and feel free to ask questions. He has less stress and more confidence. Now, I want to show the image I prepared while checking and managing my own body condition without being conscious of the surroundings.”

We prepared thoroughly for the off-season. His physical condition and condition are good, and he is raising his pace. In bullpen pitching, he recorded a maximum speed of 142 km with 80% intensity. Jeong Gu-beom said, “The first pitching at the camp focused on adapting to the mound and balancing, and the second pitching focused on pitching, but it seems that he is throwing the ball little by little as he wants.” “As this is the first camp I participated in in a normal state, I am working with the mindset of a rookie. I will prepare well and live up to expectations.”

He checks his body condition and gradually raises his pace. The club is also paying special attention. With the change in appearance, the expectations of the club have also increased. NC pitching coach Kim Soo-gyeong said, “Jeong Gu-beom is raising his pace without any problems with his body. For him, the process of showing his own skills in the game is more important. As he is a candidate for the starting rotation, we expect him to show good skills by managing himself well.”

Ha Joon-yeong, another left-handed pitcher in NC, is also stepping up preparations for the season by digesting bullpen pitching smoothly. His physical condition is good enough to handle his fourth bullpen pitching in this camp alone. He threw 140 km of maximum speed with an intensity of 80 to 90%. Ha Jun-young said, “Last year’s camp started at 0, but this year I started camp at around 7-8.” He is also confident because he is not sick. He has not entered 100% pitching yet, but he has good restraint and seems to have good content,” he confessed. 카지노사이트

He wore an NC uniform as a compensation player for Na Seong-beom, who transferred to KIA as a free agent. After elbow surgery, rehabilitation and recovery, he returned last year and played 47 games, digesting 39 innings, recording an average ERA of 4.62 with 3 wins and 4 holds. It has firmly established itself as NC’s left-handed bullpen. Ha Jun-young expressed his determination, saying, “After the injury, my speed did not come up quickly, so I pitched mainly with breaking balls, but this year I want to regain my speed and give the feeling of overpowering batters with a fastball.”

Coach Kim Soo-kyung said, “Ha Jun-young went to camp last year while recovering. This year, I am freed from the burden of the injured part and I am going to camp on a normal track,” he said. He expects to show an even better figure this year.”

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