‘Ace Kim Hyun-min on fire’ KCC U-10 wins in overtime against SK

KCC U-10 team defeats SK U-10 team.

안전놀이터Jeonju KCC defeated Seoul SK 28-26 in overtime in the KCC 2023 KBL Youth Club Basketball Tournament at Yanggu Youth Gymnasium A Court on March 28.

From the start of the game, both teams executed quick offenses. Both teams used strong pressure followed by transition offense. However, both teams’ players missed shots and the first points came relatively late. The first goal came with 4:09 left in the first quarter. SK’s Lee Seung-jun tried to break through and drew a foul to earn free throws. He made one and missed the other.

From that point, both teams scored in quick succession. For KCC, Lee Eun-woo pressed hard from a high position and got a steal. She scored the team’s first point on a fast break. Kim Hyun-min followed up with a powerful breakaway score.

SK responded with a mid-range score from Kim Seung-hoo. At the end of the first quarter, SK was the one smiling. They were down 4-5. Just before the end of the quarter, Yoo Garam scored a transition goal. SK finished the first quarter with a 6-5 lead. The first goal of the second quarter also came from SK. Lee Seung-jun scored at the start of the quarter.

However, KCC didn’t give up easily either. Choi Siwon scored a floater and converted the resulting free throw. On top of that, they applied quick pressure to disrupt SK’s offense. It worked. Kim Hyun-min stole the ball from SK and scored on a fast break. The gap narrowed to one point. Then Kim Hyun-min scored another goal and KCC took the lead. Just before the end of the second quarter, KCC made it 14-11 with a buzzer-beater from Nam Si-hyun.

After halftime, KCC upped the ante. They increased the intensity of their pressure. It worked. SK struggled to get past half-court. KCC scored back-to-back baskets to make it 20-11. KCC definitely set the tone.

Once they got into the flow, KCC kept pushing. They won the energy level battle. They grabbed offensive rebounds and pressured their opponents with strong pressure. In addition, Kim Hyun-min scored back-to-back points. The lead grew to double digits. However, they gave up back-to-back points and the score was 22-15.

Although Kim Hyun-min scored back-to-back points, SK’s offense struggled a bit in the final minutes of the game. They missed back-to-back shots and even gave up an outside shot. The gap quickly narrowed. KCC was down by four points. In response, KCC called for a timeout. However, KCC failed to execute their offense and conceded a goal to their opponent. After that, they conceded to Lee Seung-jeon and the game went into overtime.

However, it was KCC who had the last laugh. Choi Siwon made both of his free throws. Although they failed to score after that, they didn’t allow their opponent to score either. KCC took advantage of the advantage. KCC defended the remaining time and won the game.

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