‘850M in salary, 170M in wages’: 3rd most expensive signing in Munich history… Kim Min-jae treats Winkel with respect

Kim Min-jae is being treated differently for a reason.안전놀이터

Fabrizio Romano, a journalist who works for The Guardian in the UK and is known as an expert on the European transfer market, wrote on his personal social media account on June 6 (KST), “Kim Min-jae will complete his second medical test today. Bayern Munich will then trigger his buyout clause from Napoli. This procedure is the last step before the transfer becomes official,” the report said, suggesting that the transfer is indeed coming to a close.

German Sky Sports reporter Florian Plettenberg, who is very familiar with Munich’s inside information, also reported on June 6 that “Kim will complete his medical in South Korea. The Munich medical team arrived in South Korea a few hours ago and is on site. Munich will trigger the €50 million (approx. 708 million won) buyout in the next few days. The contract runs until June 2028, with an annual salary of around 12 million euros (around 17 billion won),” said Plettenberg, adding that Munich will soon finalize the signing of Kim Min-jae. Plettenberg predicted that an official announcement could come as early as this week.

Germany’s ‘Bild’ also reported, “A week ago in Lisbon, Kim Min-jae’s side and the Munich board met and agreed on a five-year contract. Munich has virtually secured Kim Min-jae. It is difficult for other clubs to approach. The negotiations for Kim Min-jae were led by Munich president Marco Neppe. Nepe traveled to Lisbon to negotiate with Kim. Thomas Tuchel was also in contact with the player. “He is a dream defender for Tuchel,” he added.

“He became an Italian champion with Napoli and won two K League 1 titles with Jeonbuk Hyundai. He is Munich’s third signing of the summer after Konrad Reimer and Rafael Guerrero,” he said, adding that an announcement is expected soon.There are two main reasons why Munich, one of the world’s top clubs alongside Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Manchester United, is so eager to sign Kim, even sending its medical staff to South Korea.

The first is Kim’s price tag. While Munich is one of the top clubs in the world, they don’t spend as much money in the transfer market as Premier League (EPL) clubs like Real, Barcelona, and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

Munich’s all-time record transfer fee is just €80 million ($113.3 billion) for Luca Hernandez from Atletico Madrid. While that’s not exactly a lot of money, given recent transfer market inflation and the size of Munich’s squad, it’s not a huge deal. Just last season alone, Manchester United spent €100 million to bring in Anthony and Chelsea spent €141.7 billion to bring in Mikhail Mkhitaryan.

Even 50 million euros is a lot of money for Munich, who are known for their frugal spending in the transfer market. Once Kim’s transfer is finalized, it will rank as the third highest transfer fee in the club’s history. Behind Lukaku and Matthijs de Ligt. It’s only natural that the club would go to great lengths to bring in a player who will remain in the top three of the club’s transfer record books.Another reason is the buyout clause. It’s not the amount of €50 million, but the timeframe in which the buyout is triggered. It is believed that Kim’s buyout clause is only valid from July 1 to 15. If this is true, then any club can negotiate with Napoli during that period for only €50 million.

When player interception, or hijacking as it’s often called, occurs in the European transfer market, it usually involves players with buyout clauses in their contracts. Given that Kim has attracted interest from a number of clubs, Munich is trying to finalize his transfer as quickly as possible to leave no room for other clubs to step in.

If there is a delay, the buyout clause will be triggered after 15 days. In that case, Napoli would never sell Kim for €50 million. The price tag for Kim is €60 million, which is less than the current buyout clause. The Bavarians are in a desperate position to finalize the deal, as Kim will arrive at the club with special treatment and will be considered a key defender unless something changes. “The central defense of the future will consist of Kim Min-jae and Mathias der Licht. Dayo Upamecano will need to perform better if he doesn’t want to be the first choice,” predicting that Kim will be ahead of him in the competition for the center back spot.

The reason for Upamecano’s fall is a lack of stability. After a very strong start to last season, Upamecano failed the composure test in the second half of the season as he made a number of costly mistakes. Thomas Tuchel’s style of play emphasizes stability at the back. He doesn’t take risks in defense while building up his attack, but rather, he builds up his organization at the back and then steadily builds up the attacking details.

Kim made very few mistakes for Napoli in the 2022-23 season. He did make some mistakes that led to goals when he was at his physical limit, but they weren’t season-ending mistakes like Upamecano’s. He also didn’t have a half-season slump like Upamecano did. When it comes to stability, Kim has to be rated higher.Crucially, Kim can also play left center back. Upamecano and De Ligt, his main competition, are better at right back than left. As right-footed players, they have better vision and are more comfortable sending passes from the right side.

Surprisingly, Kim Min-jae’s performance is the same whether he plays left or right. That’s why former Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti was fascinated by him. The local media is also very appreciative of the fact that Kim is a right-footed left-back. It’s not every day that a right-footed center back can play on the left side and still have one of the highest passing percentages and forward passing distances in the league.

Tuchel also requires his center backs to be more midfield-oriented at times, so Kim’s ability to experience different styles and roles across different leagues and teams can only be appreciated. Even at Napoli, Kim was a center back, but he often showed the ability to get into the attack at a moment’s notice, opening up cracks in the opposition defense.

For all of his strengths, Kim’s defense as of the 2022-23 season was by no means inferior to that of Der Licht and the Uffa Meccano. If anything, it’s higher. No club would be foolish to sign a player of his caliber for a relatively low price and leave him on the bench.

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