37-year-old Park Eun-sun’s spring day “I forgot my age in front of the Taegeuk mark”

37-year-old veteran Park Eun-seon has emerged as a key player in the Women’s Soccer World Cup, which opens in July. She scored three goals in the last two friendly matches against Zambia.

Reporter Lee Da-som met.

With a skillful move that completely breaks the offside line, it is basic to have a margin to beat the goalkeeper lightly.

From her height of 181cm to her overwhelming power of defense, 37-year-old Park Eun-seon’s performance in two warm-up games against Zambia, where she scored three goals, was reminiscent of her prime.스포츠토토

Park Eun-sun / Women’s National Soccer Team
“I think I have been preparing since I was selected last year

. My heart still swells when I think of that moment.

Park Eun-sun “When we met for the first time, he
said ‘flowers in the greenhouse’. I was a little surprised at first, but it made me feel so good.”

Until now, the heart toward the Taegeuk mark has not changed.

Park Eun-seon
“I think that being selected for the national team means that there is no difference between being old and young. Rather than age, it is a position that always has a sense of responsibility.”

Park Eun-seon, who had a lot of heartaches such as the ‘gender controversy’ with her overwhelming skills, but couldn’t let go of soccer, is determined to burn the last flame at the Women’s World Cup in July.

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