157km Monster rookie’s rough gossiping controversy… It shouldn’t end with disciplinary action

 We have to lead them to become mature pros. 

The monster rookie pitcher Kim Seo-hyeon (18) of the Hanwha Eagles caused controversy from the beginning of spring camp. The inappropriate comments he posted on his own social media account were publicized. He was the gossip that surrounded Bae Bun (No. 11) and contained harsh expressions about the reaction of the fans and the way Hanwha coaches coached them. 

As soon as it spread rapidly through the community, the Hanwha club immediately gave notice of suspension of training for three days. Manager Carlos Subero also expressed regret. He also warned of additional punishment. He received high expectations as a monster rookie who threw balls up to 157km, but his career was damaged from the beginning of his professional career due to inappropriate behavior.

At the age of 18, having just graduated from high school, this is the point at which his personality is less formed. I joined the spring camp with excessive expectations. Everything is unfamiliar and new. There must have been quite a few difficulties young players go through as they adapt among the sky-like seniors. Even so, it was a level of expression that was difficult to understand easily. 

As the high school weekend baseball league settled down, an environment was created in which players received culture and sufficient character education. After the contract, he went through finishing training, club’s own training, and KBO’s rookie training. There must have been education to be polite to fans and colleagues, and to be wary of social media activities that cause controversy 온라인카지노. Nevertheless, even after less than a month of training for rookies, they brought criticism for their inappropriate and harsh expressions. 

Professional athletes face tremendous stress. I am grateful for the fans’ applause and support, but sometimes I suffer from one-sided criticism and criticism. There are also difficulties when living under layered conditions, including the manager, coaches, and seniors. They are rites of passage and precautions to become a professional athlete. If you can’t stand this, you’ll never become a great player. Most star players grew up with similar pain. 

Criticism and punishment will be natural as they have lowered the dignity of professional players. At the same time, the Hanwha team needs to tell the fans and coaches why gossip is wrong and suggest a path to become a mature professional. He is an 18-year-old player who has just started his professional career. It is more important to help Seohyun Kim realize her true mistakes and become a mature professional player. Other clubs should also be used as teachers on the other hand.

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