‘1330 meters above sea level’ Samsung Life’s Taebaek Training Mountain Run: Who finished first?


Samsung Life is holding a training camp in Taebaek, Gangwon-do from the 12th to the 22nd. As the training camp is held in a high-altitude area, hill training (mountain running), which involves climbing Mount Hambak, awaited the team.

On the 12th, the first day, the team warmed up by walking around Yeonhwasan during the afternoon training. On day two, the 13th, the team ran up Mt. Hambaksan to measure their time. The team’s destination was 1330 meters above sea level. Hill training is a great way to strengthen your physical strength by pushing your body to the limit with less oxygen.

The first place is Gangyurim. It’s a different course, but last year he completed it in 59 minutes and 28 seconds. This year, despite the course being about a kilometer longer, she beat her time by 1 minute and 50 seconds to take first place in 57 minutes and 37 seconds.

After finishing the course, Kang said, “I’m dying (laughs). It’s really hard. It’s a fight with myself for the whole hour. Until last year, I came in fifth. I’ve never been good at running in the mountains. There are no personal changes from last year. I’ve lost a little bit of weight. I think I was able to finish first because I didn’t have (Lee) Hae-ran and (Lee) Joo-yeon,” he said humbly.

“We were all running together and then we started to run at our own pace. At the beginning, (Yang) Ji-won took a slight wrong turn. I think the gap widened as we ran rather than passing each other one by one.”스포츠토토

The 13th is not the end of the hill training. The athletes are destined to climb another mountain. “There are other courses,” says Kang, “but this one is especially tough. “There are other courses, but this one is a lot harder. It’s a winding course with ups and downs, but this one is completely uphill (laughs). I thought for an hour, “Should I just walk? I thought about it for an hour. I can’t keep running. I thought about walking, but then I realized, “No, let’s run, let’s just run up to that point,” so I adjusted and ran up.

Hill Training’s runner-up is Yang Ji-won, who was drafted by Samsung Life with the sixth pick in the second round of the 2022 Korean National Team Selection. She clocked a time of 1 hour and 25 seconds despite taking a wrong turn. Third place went to Cho Soo-ah. Last year, she took 1 hour, 3 minutes, and 9 seconds to finish, but this year she beat herself with a time of 1 hour, 1 minute, and 20 seconds.

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