④ Sangmyung University with height reinforcement after a long time & Sungkyunkwan University, the hidden winner of the 2023 Recruitment

 Now, all the process of going on to school has been completed. Some schools recruited the players they wanted, while others enrolled a large number of unexpected players. Introducing the current status of new students by university in 2023, which is of great interest to many amateur basketball fans.

There are players who are good enough to go on the college stage right away, but there are players who have the potential to grow in the future rather than immediately. Let’s pay attention to which player chose which university, so that school’s performance improved. 

Laying the cornerstone for rebuilding

Sangmyung University coach Koh Seung-jin laughed after a long time. As coach Goh, who had to receive players through the admissions system every year instead of the players he wanted, he reinforced the 2023 freshmen with players who have both height and skills.

The player Sangmyung University put the most effort into was Choi Jun-hwan (198cm, C) of Yeosu Hwayang High School. He was asked to be scouted by other schools before the application deadline, but he kept his promise and wore the Sangmyung University uniform.

Although he is tall, he has fast speed and a wide range of movements, so he was at the forefront of the team’s offense in high school. Although he showed a disappointing performance against big men with good power, general leaders’ evaluation is that his offensive power based on his athleticism is satisfactory.

Since he started playing basketball, he has not been able to play many games, so his ability to cope with crises or close moments is still immature, and he needs improvement points in defense.

Song Jeong-woo (192cm, F) of Anyang High School, who will help the Sangmyung University forward line, is a forward with a style that leaders like. He is better at selfless than selfish play and enjoys playing without sacrificing himself to the point of actively rebounding against players bigger than himself.

He started playing basketball late and lacks the ability to be a guard, and he needs to improve his field goal ability.

Bae Jae-go’s Wi Jeong-woo (172cm, G), who will join them, is short, but boasts faster speed than anyone else on the court.

Mid-range shots thrown near the paint zone are not bad, and the finishing ability in the fast break is also good. However, he has a clear weakness in defending players bigger than himself, and his ability to manage the game as a guard is also a task to be solved in the future.

Securing an instant sense of power across

all positions Sungkyunkwan University, which is constantly aiming for a top spot, has accepted players who can be called an immediate sense of power across all positions this season. In particular, Kim Yun-seong (200cm, C) of Yongsan High School, who was recruited after competing with Korea University and Yonsei University, is expected to become a strong player behind the poor goal compared to other teams.

Sungkyunkwan University coach Kim Sang-joon is considered to be the most skilled at identifying middle and high school players among university leaders. It is because he has a history of being active in the middle school stage in the past, so he has a solid network with middle and high school leaders and watches the players for a long time.

With this advantage, they started scouting faster than other schools, but after the list of successful applicants was announced, they often lost players who worked hard at other schools.

However, this season, not only the players they wanted, but also the quasi-level players they did not expect, and they made substantial reinforcements across all positions, receiving evaluations that they actually achieved the best results in the 2023 recruit.

Jemulpo High School guard Kang Seong-wook (183cm, G) and Yongsan High School big man Kim Yun-seong (200cm, C) entered the school without difficulty. Both players were accepted into Chung-Ang University and Yonsei University, but left them behind and chose Sungkyunkwan University.

Kang Seong-wook, who is famous as the son of former head coach Kang Dong-hee, showed strong outside shooting skills in middle school, but changed his position to point guard early in high school, steadily gaining experience and growing as a field commander.

In addition, in middle school, he had difficulties in defense due to his small height, but he has grown steadily and now there is no big difference in height compared to other school guards. 안전놀이터

If Kang Seong-wook is a guard, Kim Yun-seong is the best choice for Sungkyunkwan University, which lacks a big man.

Kim Yun-seong is not a big man with enough destructive power to overwhelm opponents from under the goal, but as a true big man, he has stable abilities in many areas, from attacking under the goal to rebounding and feeding. In particular, he recorded more blocked shots, considering his calm defense.

In addition to these new players, Gu In-gyo (194cm, F), a shooter from Jemulpo High School, and Park Sang-hyeok (190cm, F), who entered the school as an excellent player, are players who will support their seniors with their own strengths.

Koo In-gyo’s offensive power is still difficult to reach on the college stage, but his tough defense is attractive, and Park Sang-hyeok has a good shot selection and an outside shot.

On top of that, I entered Dongguk University last season. Won Jun-seok (195cm, FC), a graduate of Kyungbok High School, newly admitted to Sungkyunkwan University, is also a resource that is free to play immediately depending on how he adapts to the team.

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